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Nerd Lunch Podcast 45: The Pop Culture Eraser


Pax is vacationing in the Phantom Zone, so Aaron Nix from Movie Hodge Podge and Matt Ringler of Schlock Treatment join Jeeg and CT for this week’s episode. Each of us choose one person and one pop culture item to erase from existence and then discuss the consequences of that removal. We go for the jugular with some of these, but luckily it’s all hypothetical… as far as you know. Our Nerd To-Do’s feature a follow-up on Pixar’s Brave, somebody named Richie Brockelman, Atomic Robo, and one nerd’s quest to watch the original Star Trek movies for the first time.

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  1. CT February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the kind words, Jack. Glad you enjoyed it. This was a topic that we've had on our list of ideas for a long time and I'm glad it turned out as well as it did.

    I definitely hope Mr. Ringler will be willing to join us again. We loved having him on the show.

  2. Jack February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Sorry, Aaron, my bad. That was huge!

    BTW, Seinfeld (which I like a lot, but can readily see why CT wouldn't) wasn't about "nothing," nor was it about minutiae (although there certainly was a lot of that); beneath the surface lurked a conventional sitcom about a group of shits whose main form of interrelation was the never-ending breaking of the social contracts they made, but never seemed to keep, with one another. The only drawback was when Elaine (forex) was stunned and discomfitted when George (forex) promised to do something, then didn't come through. Didn't these people know each other? Substitute any two names, and that's the show synopsis…

    And yes, Oliver Stone is certainly the kind of pompous ass we could all do without, but then who would we snicker at instead? There is something really entertaining on a subliminal lever about a filmmaker who views his every action as being the equivalent of Christ coming to cleanse the Temple.

    Well, like I said, brilliant work. Hope they have you again soon…

  3. doesntmattr February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Unfortunately I can't take credit for O.J. (that was Aaron) and he nailed it. However, I think my Oliver Stone pick wipes out a lot of terribleness over the years.

  4. Jack February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    This was another one of those episodes where I read the synopsis, and said, "Really, how irrelevant to anything is this going to be?" Then proceeded to fire it up and have the time of my life.

    I really like some of your choices, and even more I like the convoluted reasoning that got you to where you were. Remington Steel fails so that Brosnan can do more Bond? Huge! And I kept waiting for someone to pull the plug on Kim K, who is hands down my person to erase, but no, Matt (it was Matt I hope; apologies to Aaron if not, I've just lost track due to the amount of material on the 'cast) managed to get ALL of them, plus OJ and Kato besides, AND leave them alive to just be three more anonymous hot chicks in L.A., where you can't swing a cat by the tail without hitting two or three more who are hotter than them. Dude, that was EPIC!

    Speaking of epic, my thing to erase is the Star Wars franchise, for turning THE scifi epic into an epic, years-long toy commercial. We can only be thankful that such franchises as LotR didn't follow their example.

    Brilliant, brilliant work. If I had been at that table, I would have been sitting there going "Duhhhhh," looking on in wonder like a kid at a circus. This is what keeps us coming back, guys…

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