Nerd Lunch Podcast 71: It’s a Re-Do of Star Trek: Voyager

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Nerd Lunch Podcast 71: It’s a Re-Do of Star Trek: Voyager

The Nerd Lunchers return to their own take on an Atomic Geek franchise topic. Once again re-doing a TV show, they pick the oft-maligned Star Trek: Voyager. Joined by Twitter pal of Jeri Ryan, Rob Graham, the premise, cast, writers, and designs get torn apart and put back together again in a much more satisfying way. In the Nerd To-Dos, more discussion of Star Trek takes place as well as the elusive Jumpin’ Jack Doritos.

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  1. William February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Whoops! That should've been "Season 7" in my first sentence.

  2. William February 25, 2017 at 8:21 pm - Reply

    Great ep, guys! Here's what I felt was a big problem of Voyager: they should've come home at the beginning of season, so that we could see them try to readjust to life. This is especially important for The Maquis, as most of the group had been killed during the Dominion War while Voyager was off stranded. So, would the last remaining Maquis be tried for their crimes? Would they have been pardoned? Would the Maquis members officially join Starfleet? Had their views on The Federation changed during their ordeal?

    As you said, The Maquis angle was toned down, but I disagree in that I feel it could've been the meat of the show. After all, the introduction of The Maquis showed us that The Federation may not have been such a great organization after all. We later saw this to be true in the events of Insurrection, as well as the activities of Starfleet Section 13.

    You have to have a Chakotay-like character in order to keep the Maquis in line, and make sure they are equally represented in ship's leadership. After all, this is the Pollyanna vibe that Starfleet likes the present. This role was a little more important in the beginning, as only about 2 Maquis survived to the end.

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