After 20 months of doing the podcast, we finally decide it’s time to cover Joss Whedon’s sci-fi western classic, Firefly and the follow-up movie Serenity. And to occupy the fourth treadmill (?) for this conversation we call in our own big damn hero, Mark Dury. We recap our history with Mr. Whedon at the time of Firefly’s premiere, personal introductions to the show, favorite episodes, favorite characters, thoughts on Serenity as a wrap-up to the show, and whether it should ever come back. After our main discussion we give our own take on the Star Trek TOS crew / Firefly versus match up from Episode 200 of The Atomic Geeks. In our Nerd To-Dos, we hear about Cowboy Bebop, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, The Transformers: The Movie, and a rewatching of Farscape.