This week we finally take another crack at the Listbuster topic first heard back in Episode 17. In our crosshairs is IGN’s list of the Top 25 Action Movies and riding shotgun in the fourth chair is Jon Cross from the After Movie Diner and Dr. Action and The Kick Ass Kid podcast. After a healthy discussion about just what an action movie is, we tear IGN’s list to shreds and then reveal our top 10 action movie lists. In our Nerd To-Dos we get the lowdown on the Superman III novelization, a goal to chat with Steve Guttenberg, and a mini review of The Hobbit (hint: it’s a long movie).

Grab this episode from iTunes or listen here using the player below. And after your eargasm, be sure to let us know who put together the best Top 10 list in the comments.

10. Hot Fuzz
9. Die Hard with a Vengeance
8. Lethal Weapon
6. The Transporter
5. Desperado
4. Commando
3. Rambo II
2. The Bourne Identity
1. Die Hard
10. Speed
9. Expendables
8. Commando
7. 48 Hours
6. Roadhouse
5. True Lies
4. Point Break
3. Lethal Weapon
2. First Blood
1. Die Hard
10. Roadhouse
9. Outlaw Josey Wales
8. Young Guns
7. Commando
6. Avengers
5. Die Hard
4. Predator
3. First Blood
2. Raiders of the Lost Ark
1. Empire Strikes Back
(in no particular order of preference)
10. Raid
9. China O’Brien
8. Expendables
7. Die Hard
6. Commando
5. Blood Moon
4. Taken
3. Lethal Weapon
2. Wild Geese
1. Fast 5