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Nerd Lunch Podcast 89: Saturday Morning Cartoons

This week on the show, the Nerd Lunch crew are joined by Fourth Chair guest, Claymation Werewolf where they take a trip down memorylane and relive the glory days of Saturday mornings. No obligations, cartoon lineups on three major networks, and hours upon hours wasted watching cel-painted goodness (and badness). From earliest memories, to favorite shows, to things that might have been canceled too soon, a lot of great shows were covered. Nerd To-Dos include more home improvement reports, animation projects, and summer TV plans.

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  1. Jason February 26, 2017 at 12:48 am - Reply

    Great Show guys – here are some of my favorite shows growing up (I was born in 1976, so my sweet spot was between 81-86) – Rock N' Wrestling, Pole Position, Saturday Supercade, D&D, Amazing Spiderman, plus I was always a fan of the shows with cheezy concepts: Turbo Teen, Rubik, Kidd Video (another live action opening).
    One question that I thought of when you were discussing the NKOTB cartoon was "how many cartoons about musicians were there?" NKOTB, Hammerman (MC Hammer), Kid and Play had a cartoon…..there must be more…..there has to be….

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