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Nerd Lunch Podcast 128: Kill Me Now

Sex in the City 2 - real posterCT is away once again this week, but luckily Pax and Jeeg are able to contact Jay from The Sexy Armpit on the Sludgephone. On the docket for this week is a discussion of some of the worst things the nerds have been subjected to by their significant others. The gang is all here: rom-coms, costume dramas, boy bands, quaint weekend destinations, and regionally popular card games. Our Nerd To-Dos include Captain America 2, the Bates Motel, and more Veronica Mars.

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  1. Jack February 26, 2017 at 12:48 am - Reply

    Hey, guys. Brilliant episode! I've been spared most of this because Bonnie likes good war movies, bad sci-fi, and board wargames. As to inflicting things on her, well, it's hard to "inflict" much on a woman who like Attack of the Killer Shrews, but my daughter and I play co-op video games, and a big hit with us has been the Gears of War trilogy. It has a great storyline, and actually comes to a conclusion. Having two months off after my illness, I tried to get her to sit and watch it like a movie as we played it. She got into the start of the third one, and just couldn't go any more; too much shooting and not enough story. Alas…

    I once saw The Rock on a late night talk show. I think he had just made one of the Mummy movies. He followed a famous film critic of that era, and the critic told him, "When they told me I was going to be on here with a pro wrestler, I didn't expect much, but son, you have a presence and a charisma that lights up the auditorium, and you need to get away from these people and make movies your career before they seriously injure you." Sage words from a man who ought to know.

    I loved The Producers, but have never seen it as a stage production. In the movie, one of the key scenes is on opening night when the actor starts singing "Springtime for Hitler," and the audience starts to get up and leave, then changes their collective mind and comes back. How is that done on stage? Do they have a couple of hundred extras who play the audience? Or what?

    Great job, as always. In the immortal words of Winston Churchill, "Never, never, never quit!"

  2. CT February 26, 2017 at 12:48 am - Reply

    I haven't yet finished the Ip Man show myself, Teresa. Although I will say their talk inspired me to go watch the movies. The first one is pretty good. Haven't finished the second Ip Man yet though.

    It's always interesting to listen to these shows that I'm not a part of. I feel like I need to chime in, but no one ever throws to me to answer.

    This episode was very entertaining to listen to, but my not being a part of it was for the best. My relationship with my wife must be relatively abnormal. We do both enjoy watching movies and shows together or having other shared experiences, but neither of us feel this intense need for everything we watch to be with the other person all the time. If she wants to watch something I don't want to watch, then she watches it when I'm not there or I go to another room. And vice versa.

    For example, my wife wanted to watch that new Les Mis movie. I didn't. So I went to another room while she watched it. No big on either of our parts. Neither of us want the other one miserable. So there's some disconnect for me when it comes to this topic.

  3. Teresa Paxton Hazel February 26, 2017 at 12:48 am - Reply

    I had to skip last weeks Ip Man podcast after the first 20 minutes because I had no idea what you were talking about, but you made up for it with this one. As a sci-fi/fantasy nerd AND a chick who likes slice-of-life movies where nothing much really happens; since husband who enjoys neither, I thought this whole podcast was hilarious. I'm still not giving up trying to get my husband to watch season one of Helix when it comes out on Blu-Ray, tho. I am convinced he will love it as much as I do & want to watch season 2 with me next year when it airs.

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