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Nerd Lunch Podcast 153: Setting the Table on Star Wars

Despite having delved into Star Wars topics during the previous three years on the show, the Nerd Lunch crew have never really “set the table” on Star Wars as a whole. CT and Pax welcome back returning guest Michael May and new guest Kay (from FANgirl Blog and Hyperspace Theories) to do just that. We talk about our favorite and least favorites of the movies, characters, ships, aliens and more. Nerd To-Dos this week features Snowpiercer, Supernatural, Doctor Who and Halloween wrap up.

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  1. Brianiac5 January 11, 2019 at 11:27 am - Reply

    Hey, just started listening yesterday, loving the podcast. Some of my favorites/least favorites:

    Nerd Lunch SW favorite/worst list:

    –Favorite (Empire Strikes Back)
    –Least (all prequels equally. I really enjoy parts of each, but all 3 have major flaws.)

    Prequel Character–
    –Favorite (Obi-Wan. Just about everything focused on him, including his investigation in AoC, is worth watching. I also really enjoyed the Kenobi novel and it would make a great foundation to build a movie story on.)
    –Least (Anakin pre-Darkside, who I agree was perfectly fine in the cartoon. And of course Jar Jar.)

    Original Trilogy Character–
    –Favorite (Obi-Wan and Vader.)
    –Least (CGI Jabba in the Special Edition becuase he looks so fake. No primary characters from the original versions I don’t like, the closest is C-3PO because of his personality, but he fills the role fine and doesn’t get overly annoying until the prequels.)

    –Favorite (Falcon and TIE Interceptor, runner up Xanadu Blood)
    –Least (Dooku’s Solar Sailer.)

    –Favorite (Hoth, my brother and I carved out our own Echo Base in the back yard and played Star Wars all winter long the year ESB came out.)
    –Least (Canto Bight…it’s not overly creative and one of the worst segments of any SW movie takes place there.)

    Alien Race:
    –Favorite (Gand, Xexto, Quarren, Whiphid)
    –Least (two-headed announcer)

    EU Story:
    –Favorite (Rogue Squadron books and comics, especially Janson & Hobbie. Also Quinlan Vos’ story in the comics.)
    –Least (A couple of those immediately post-Zahn trilogy books. Also the Holiday Special.)

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