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Nerd Lunch Podcast 168: Drill Down – The Rocketeer

Kay from Hyperspace Theories and Fangirlblog returns to the show and CT leads a discussion about The Rockeeteer. What made the story great? Was there chemistry between Cliff and Jenny? Should villains abandon pottery? And how many times in movies do they explain the demise of the “land” in “Hollywoodland”? Nerd To-Dos feature Doctor Who, more podcasts, and X-Men.

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  1. Jack February 26, 2017 at 12:48 am - Reply

    All right, you guys are going to have to get your girlfriend under control. She can't come on a respected international news magazine like Nerd Lunch and make unfounded disparaging remarks about an American pioneer like Commando Cody! In fairness, though, she did say she had watched Radar Men from the Moon; I always felt that Sky Marshal of the Universe was superior by an order of magnitude.

    Seriously, though, this movie occupies a tiny niche for me: "Movies I'd love to see, but won't, because I won't risk having them destroy cherished childhood memories." The only other members of this group are the Star Trek reboots.

    Commando was my absolute, original first hero. It was 1955, we had our first black and white TV, and it was full of about a thousand cowboys that I couldn't tell apart, and then there was this guy. He had a spaceship… with a ray gun… and HE COULD FLY!

    But being my first hero wasn't his only first. Watch his old serials, and you'll see the first depiction of people going on a spacewalk to repair their ship. You'll see what I'm pretty sure is the first case of battles between space ships using beam weapons exclusively. You'll see black, starry space for the first time instead of clouds against a light sky. Smoke from the ships didn't rise behind them as it did in Buck Rogers. They used a tractor beam. First time. They used a different name that I don't remember, but that's what it was. Finally, check this out: At a time when Gene Roddenberry was a junior writer on Wagon Train, Cody's people all wore a badge over the left breast. Art deco wings, typical of the period. Those wings concealed radios that could be used surreptitiously, and were on at least two occasions, becoming major story points.

    Et tu, Star Trek!

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