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Nerd Lunch Podcast 203: Fast Food Breakfast Draft

Creative Commons borrowed from Steve Calcott

This week its finally time for Nerd Breakfast. We return to our version of sportsball drafting, but this time for fast food breakfast items. Rounding out the panel are the previous draft champion (just ask him), Dubba from On Second Scoop, and Nick from Dude Foods. Along the way we discover perhaps the longest fast food item name in history, debate which items can be eaten with a spoon, categorize the types of baked good plunderers in the office, and discuss the relative merits of quinoa.

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  1. Teresa Paxton Hazel February 26, 2017 at 12:48 am - Reply

    CT's breakfast gets my vote. I don't like fast food sausage, and CT & Dubba had the only breakfasts without sausage. Dubba didn't have any coffee, though, and coffee is a must-have for me. So CT wins. Another great episode guys – thanks! And of course now I'm craving Chick-Fil-A.

  2. Jack February 26, 2017 at 12:48 am - Reply

    Hey, guys, another classic episode, by which I mean I looked at the title and thought "What the F***??!" And then had a great time listening. You seem to want votes, so I approached this from the position of "If I had to pay for one of these breakfasts, which one would attract my money?"

    Nick and Jeeg, good selections all, but you both had oatmeal, which my grandma spent many happy hours diligently teaching me to hate as a toddler. So good was she at it that to this day it comes under the heading of "Wouldn't eat that with your mouth!" Sorry, guys, but you're out.

    Pax, you lost me with the Greek yogurt. Had a bite of Bonnie's once, and it seemed somehow slimier or gooier, not sure of the word, but I'm sure I wouldn't buy it if there was any, what, American(?) yogurt around. Also, you didn't call for any flavoring, not that I'm sure a gallon of strawberry syrup would be enough to help a cup of that stuff. Sorry…

    CT, you had a great lineup until the quinoa put in an appearance. In fairness, I haven't tried it yet, and may love it, but as this is a hypothetical breakfast that I'm paying for, I'd only risk dumping an ingredient in the trash if there were no better options, and there were. So, not this time, my brother.

    Dubba, hi, I'm Jack, steampunk writer and Nerd Lunch superfan, and I didn't think an interloper would fall out of the sky and take it from the Nerds, but congratulations. Everything on your menu was palatable. Hot cakes, that appear on several menus, are borderline, but acceptable, especially if the syrup is good. You weren't specific about the yogurt, but loading it up with strawberries tipped it your way. Excellent selections, all of you, really. If you're ever in southern California, look me up. I'll treat you to breakfast from our regional firecracker, Jack in the Box, and enjoy reading your review afterward.

    Fun time as always, guys. I don't know how you find enough material to keep this going, but I sure hope you keep finding it. Be safe, and keep it coming!

  3. Harry Badface February 26, 2017 at 12:48 am - Reply

    Got to vote Team Jeeg on this one. Anything with two egg and sausage sandwiches is hard to take down.

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