Nerd Lunch Podcast 220: Woman Crushes

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Nerd Lunch Podcast 220: Woman Crushes

In the spiritual sequel to our Man Crushes episode, Kay from Fangirl Blog takes over the hosting duties along with an all-woman panel to talk about woman crushes. Hear Kay, Jen Usellis Mackay, Stacey Rader and new guest Kelly Knox talk about current woman crushes as well as those who have passed, those who are cartoons and an assortment of other categories.

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  1. Carlin Trammel February 26, 2017 at 12:48 am - Reply

    Hi Chad,

    I'm sorry this episode disappointed you. I personally found the panel for this special episode fun to listen to and I enjoyed what they had to say. I got to learn about some really cool women, both the panelists and the ladies they talked about.

    We do share this show with the public and appreciate feedback, but ultimately, we do this podcast for ourselves first. We wanted to showcase these friends of ours and let our audience get to hear a different take than what the normal Nerd Lunch crew usually offers.
    I should warn you now, next week's show is a bit different, too, but it's one I'm really excited about.

    Not every episode is going to be a hit with everybody. And over the course of 220 shows we've experimented from time to time with new ideas and new approaches. I think we're allowed that at this point.

    I don't begrudge you turning off the episode if it wasn't your cup of tea. Though I don't know why you felt the need to come publicly let us know that in this way. You said you didn't want to be rude, but it certainly comes across that way. Especially since it's the first time that I recall you communicating with us. (I apologize if you have before and I don't remember.)

  2. Chad February 26, 2017 at 12:48 am - Reply

    Not to be rude, but this was so boring I had to shut it off. I actually started falling asleep on the highway. It didn't have any of the fun of a normal NerdLunch episode.

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