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Nerd Lunch Podcast 252: The Last Crusade Drill Down

The Nerd Lunch Indiana Jones panel reunites for the third installment in the franchise. They discuss the River Phoenix Indy origin story, the fact that plot is overshadowed by fun and how Sean Connery and Harrison Ford have great on-screen chemistry. If you download and listen, you chose wisely.

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  1. Brianiac5 February 8, 2019 at 10:59 am - Reply

    I was 13 when my younger brother and I walked across town to see this as double feature with Star Trek 5. It was a fun afternoon. This is tied with Temple for me with Raiders being quite a ways ahead of them (It’s my #1 movie of all time.) The Indy/Henry Sr. relationship story was terrific.

    I’m glad you mentioned River Phoenix’ hair. I’ve always hated that. I also thought it was a bit too much with all the origin story nods like you guys did. One would have been enough, preferably the hat or the scar. I really liked the way they tried to trick us at first to think the guy with the fedora was Indy. My son sure thought he was Indy when he watched it the other day.

    Kay’s mention of the motorcycle box lid reminded me of a couple things I always noticed, but generally choose not to nitpick too hard.

    I’ve never seen an explanation for Indy’s magical satchel strap that somehow hooks on the tank gun when convenient, then comes off when convenient. It would pretty much have to pass *through* the gun barrel both times.

    Similarly, if the natural gas in the Venice catacombs was so volatile it could ignite with a match…why in the world would Indy and Elsa ever walk in there with a torch in which a spark could fall off at any time?! (and did a couple times if you watch closely.) They should have gone back quickly to get a flashlight (or conveniently had one in a pocket because they knew they were going down into a dark tomb.)

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