Nerd Lunch Podcast 257: Nerdstradamus 2017

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Nerd Lunch Podcast 257: Nerdstradamus 2017

This week the Nerds return to their annual topic where they make up stuff about the coming year that won’t come true. That’s right, it’s Nerdstradamus 2017. After a recap of the pathetic showing for 2016, the show welcomes Tim Lybarger to make predictions with them about TV, fast/junk food, and a wild card category. Then, they delve into an exercise of guessing which songs will show up on the second Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. Plus: Nerd To-Dos return!

Once you’ve listened to the podcast, enjoy our GotGv2 playlist (Note: The Jerry Reid version of “Pretty Mary Sunlight” was unavailable on Spotify):

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