Nerd Lunch Podcast 260: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Drill Down

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Nerd Lunch Podcast 260: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Drill Down

The Nerd Lunch Indy panel completed the Indiana Jones trilogy, but found out there was one more Indy movie to cover. Apparently in 2008, there was another Indiana Jones movie made called Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Okay…okay, we knew they made it, but we try to forget it. Alas, we remember it one more time so we can discuss the over-the-topness of this final (for now) installment of the franchise. What do we think about Marion’s return? Indy having a son? A Russian enemy who has the special ability to not have a consistent accent? Listen now and let’s nuke this fridge together.

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  1. Carlin Trammel February 26, 2017 at 12:48 am - Reply

    It was actually a mistake for this to post already, but whatever. Everyone can ignore it now just as easily as they can on Tuesday.

  2. Erik Johnson Illustrator February 26, 2017 at 12:48 am - Reply

    Wow. An upload on a Saturday. I just imagine you rushing through this and uploading as soon as the recording was done declaring "Its done, now we never have to speak of this again!"

  3. Brianiac5 February 11, 2019 at 4:36 pm - Reply

    I saw it at the theater, kind of regretted it. There are some seriously good bits in this movie. There are also some unbelievably horrible parts which far outweigh the good.

    *Outside of the nuke sequence, I pretty much liked everything from the beginning until they got to South America. Especially liked the motorcycle chase. Like you guys mention, too much of the movie felt like sets and green screen, and it really ramped up when they left the U.S.

    *The basic idea of the crystal skull and aliens wasn’t bad. It needed a little more mystery around it throughout the movie, though.

    *I liked the return of the Indy/Marion dynamic, though she could have had more to do. She was good in the action bits, and I did like that they ended things with her and Indy being together for good. Maybe the next movie can give her more to do.

    *I liked Cate Blanchet’s character and the Russians in general. Basically Nazis with a slightly different uniform and a new accent. It was nice to get a big physical opponent again after not having one in Last Crusade…and this one stuck around for a good chunck of the movie and more than one

    *I liked Mac up until the jungle chase. But at that point he should have said “Jonesy!” and gotten punched, then rolled off the back of the jeep and disappeared for the rest of the film.

    *John Hurt should have had a smaller but pivotal role as a guide, pointing the way, but then getting out of the way for Indy to find his direction the rest of the way. Maybe he could have been in the insane asylum, Indy finds the skull and returns to Oxley and the skull clears up his mind, he gives Indy some advice then heads back to the states as Indy and Mutt go on to look for Marion.

    *I didn’t mind the story of Indy and Marion having a son, but it could have been handled better, and I would have much prefered to have seen a 30-something Short Round return. It’s a much better father/son relationship, plus Shorty already has action hero cred. Maybe in the next movie?

    *Three worst bits:
    quicksand and the snake,
    Tarzan vine swinging,
    surviving a cliff fall and then three giant waterfalls.

    *Other bad bits:
    the refrigerator,
    cemetery kung fu skull warriors,
    giant ants,
    temple warriors breaking out of the walls,
    prairie dogs watching rocket sled,
    some of the jungle chase was too much (Mutt gettin hit between the legs by plants, for example).

    *Things I could have done without:
    the nuke,
    all the green screen,
    little corny bits strewn throughout that added up to far too much silliness (especially when combined with some of the above more agregious offenses).

    MY EDIT: I had actually been working on this just recently. After cutting a lot of the stuff I mentioned above, it’s almost an acceptable Indiana Jones movie. There’s no longer any mention of the nuke or fridge, no vine swinging or monkeys, no quick sand scene, no prairie dog audience, no cemetery guards, no giant ants, less silliness in the jungle chase, they go off the cliff by accident instead of on purpose, only one waterfall (the smallest and most survivable), the temple warriors don’t break out of the walls, Mutt doesn’t stick a dead body in Indy’s face, and there’s no more silver UFO at the end.

    INDY 5: If a sequel is like this movie, I don’t want it at all. If they go back to the basics of Raiders I’d be fine with it, maybe a buddy movie with Short Round (or even Short Round taking over as the main hero with Indy in a more supporting role.)
    *A reboot would be OK, as long as (again) they go back to the basics, and (fingers crossed) cast someone great in the role.
    *But personally, I’d go with a high-quality Pixar animated cartoon Indiana Jones. Set it back in the 30s, Harrison Ford doing the voice.!%2Fimg%2FhttpImage%2Fimage.jpg_gen%2Fderivatives%2Flandscape_1200%2Findianajones-still-01.jpg&f=1

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