Nerd Lunch Podcast 316: Movie Monsters Sweet 16

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Nerd Lunch Podcast 316: Movie Monsters Sweet 16

Jeeg and Pax are joined by Sexy Armpit Jay and Michael May for the 2018 Halloween episode. In this episode we select 16 movie monsters, put them in tournament brackets, and debate until we get a winner. And there are some good discussions in this one. Download and find out for yourself!

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  1. Jack T. October 18, 2018 at 1:26 pm - Reply

    You’re absolutely right, we DO come for the Nerd Lunch version! Enjoyed this so much I’m linking it on next week’s blog.

    You almost got it right, although viewing it through the lens of cultural significance leaves me outside the box. But the greatest monster has to be Freddy. Think about it: You don’t have to go to the Lake. You don’t have to sign on as a crewmember on an interstellar cargo ship. You don’t even have to give in to your curiosity and decide to investigate the old abandoned house on the edge of town, but everybody has to sleep, and that’s where Freddy gets you.

    Ultimately, though, I have to agree with your first assessment: The greatest monster known to man is the person who puts catsup on a hot dog!

    Great show, as always, guys. You can be I’ll be back for more!

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