Nerd Lunch Podcast 323: Solo: A Star Wars Story Drill Down

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Nerd Lunch Podcast 323: Solo: A Star Wars Story Drill Down

The Star Wars panel is back to discuss the Solo movie that they didn’t talk about in May 2018.

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  1. Brianiac5 February 7, 2019 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    Hey, I thought Molecule Man too!!!

    I was one of those who was very skeptically hopeful about this. Thinking it would be bad, hoping it wouldn’t. The only thing I was dreading that they did include was hitting all the backstory beats (meeting Chewie, meeting Lando, winning the Falcon, setting the Kessel Run record, etc.) They did do some of that, they even threw in getting his first pistol (that looks like a similar model to his classic DL-44.) But it still didn’t ruin the movie. Ultimately this turns out to be #3 on my hierarchy of Star Wars movies.

    I thought Alden did a great job at a tough role. He didn’t do Harrison Ford, but he nailed Han Solo.
    I liked Q’ira’s character, I think the actress didn’t quite pull her off as well as she could have.
    I really enjoyed how Han and Chewie met in this. Chewie had some great moments for someone who can’t “talk”. Tossing and dragging Han around by the chain effortlessly, the shower, in the mines with the other Wookiees, etc.
    Lando was great, though a couple of his line deliveries are a bit off…like he was trying to affect a British accent or something. Otherwise I loved him. I geeked out quite a bit over all 3 of Lando’s references to the L. Neil Smith novels.
    I enjoyed L3 as a supporting character. She added some comic relief and a type of character that was missing from the movie as soon as Rio died. There have been a couple other droid-rights type characters in the past…comics and books, I think, so it’s nothing new. Only an occasional droid is going to be advanced enough to really be sentient. Artoo has a more complex brain than the average droid, and that combined with not being mind-wiped in so many decades and having lots of non-standard experiences. Chopper has also had the lack of mind-wipes, plus some of L3’s cobbled together mods. They didn’t put L3’s *mind* into the Falcon’s computer, just her navigational cortex. Her brain died, but they were able to salvage her skills to upgrade the Falcon. Considering that she probably was salvaging parts off dead droids to upgrade herself, I don’t see why it would be a problem.

    I was quite disappointed that Han never got to drive a swoop. Swoops came from the original Han Solo novels (even predating the ROTJ speeder bikes.) When I saw that a swoop gang (another mainstay of the SW universe) was going to be involved, I thought for sure we would get Han on one in a chase scene or race of some sort, and we didn’t.

    I was also a little disappointed that the sabacc game didn’t include electronic cards like the original rules. But considering there were also different variations of the game mentioned, I can accept that one version is a less tech version with standard paper cards.

    As I do with a lot of movies, I did a personal edit of it. This movie needed so little edited that I almost wouldn’t have bothered, except that I was going to put the opening text crawl on it no matter what, so while doing that, I made only a couple cuts, primarily the dialogue exchange between Han and Chewie about the Kessel Run record. That was the biggie to me. I also want to cut the final scene where he wins the Falcon. I like it, but it’s another scene we don’t *need* to see in a Han origin movie. My thought is to place it at the beginning of a second Solo movie, but if we never get that movie, I’ll have to leave it where it is.

    But I’m REALLY hoping we’ll get “Solo, Episode 2: At Star’s End” or something similar, and I can toss it in there. I’d also like to see a Lando prequel to this prequel moderately based on one of the novels (with L3 replacing Vuffi Ra, of course.)

    At the moment, the only live Star Wars thing I’m looking forward to is the Cassian Andor: Rebel Operative TV series (or whatever it’s going to be called.)

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