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Fourth Chair Army Invasion!2018-05-28T18:58:23-04:00

When the Nerd Lunch Podcast crew is called away to take care of a secret mission in space

Only one group can fill the void of voice left by the Nerd Lunchers…


505, 2020

Fourth Chair Army Invasion 20: A Tribute to Nerd Lunch

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On this final episode of Fourth Chair Army Invasion, members of the Fourth Chair Army talk about what they love about Nerd Lunch, their favorite episodes, and say goodbye to the show. But all is [...]

1404, 2020

Fourth Chair Army Invasion 19: Turning Movies Into TV Shows 3

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Mike Westfall, Michael DiGiovanni, Annaliese Trammel, and Paxton Holley join Michael May for another round of the classic Nerd Lunch feature: "Turning Movies into TV Shows." After a discussion of what movie-based TV shows have worked (and [...]