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Fourth Chair Army Invasion!2018-05-28T18:58:23-04:00

When the Nerd Lunch Podcast crew is called away to take care of a secret mission in space

Only one group can fill the void of voice left by the Nerd Lunchers…


302, 2015

Nerd Lunch Podcast 164: Fourth Chair Army of Doom

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Banded together from remote corners of the blogosphere are four of the most sinister bloggers of all time—The Fourth Chair Army of Doom! Dedicated to a single objective, the conquest of the Nerd Lunch Podcast. Branded [...]

2307, 2013

Nerd Lunch Podcast 95: TAG Network Crossover – Fan Fic Review 3

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It's a very special episode of Nerd Lunch! This week on the show, CT, Jeeg and Pax take off for the Great White North and are replaced by The Atomic Geeks. Michael DiGiovanni (aka MD), [...]