26 08, 2008

00Walrus #13.5: Never Say Never Again

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NEVER SAY NEVER AGAINBond: Sean Connery - 1 tuskAfter 12 years off, Connery turns in a performance that is a site for sore eyes. Perhaps it's one that really hadn't been seen since Thunderball. Of course, he's older now, but that's accounted for in the script. And he's still two years younger than Roger Moore [...]

26 08, 2008

00Walrus #13: Octopussy

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OCTOPUSSYBond: Roger Moore - 0 tusksWhile I think that Moore should have bowed out with the last one, a new Bond, particularly what I saw of James Brolin in the bonus features, could not have gone up against Sean Connery in the then-upcoming Never Say Never Again. That said, a Tarzan yell and an awful [...]

10 08, 2008

00Walrus #12: For Your Eyes Only

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FOR YOUR EYES ONLYBond: Roger Moore - 1 tuskWhile he's found his groove by this point, Moore has reached the point of being too old to play Bond. His scenes with Bibi creep me out and his scenes with Melina kind of do, too.Girl: Carole Bouquet as Melina Havelock - 1 tuskI'm kind of torn [...]

11 07, 2008

00Walrus #11: Moonraker

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Over the halfway point for both Bond movies and the Roger Moore era. Hard to believe this is part of the same series that began with Dr. No.MOONRAKERBond: Roger Moore - 2 tusksAgainst the backdrop of this movie, my problems with Roger Moore pale in comparison. Actually, given the material he had to work with, [...]

22 06, 2008

00Walrus #8: Live and Let Die

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Of all the James Bond disagreements Jeeg and I have, this is probably the biggest. So, potentially good times ahead in the comments section.LIVE AND LET DIEBond: Roger Moore - 1 tuskRoger Moore debuts in this one for a seven film duration. Though not typically at the top of anyone's list of favorite actors to [...]

12 06, 2008

00Walrus #7: Diamonds Are Forever

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DIAMONDS ARE FOREVERBond: Sean Connery - 1 tuskSean Connery comes back one more time in order to make a lot of money to set up a scholarship fund in Scotland. His return probably saves the franchise by preventing a super-Americanized reboot from happening. For that, I'm glad he returned. Beyond that, I could have done [...]

7 06, 2008

00Walrus #6: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

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ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICEBond: George Lazenby - 1 tuskOn Her Majesty's Secret Service has long held the top spot as my favorite James Bond movie. A good villain, a great Bond girl, thrilling locations, and an awesome story make this one step away from being the perfect 007 movie. The weak link is George [...]

23 05, 2008

00Walrus #5: You Only Live Twice

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YOU ONLY LIVE TWICEBond: Sean Connery - 1 tuskAlong with the franchise itself, Connery begins showing his age and his performance in general isn't as exciting as any of the previous four films. And with a rather substandard story (more later) I can see why Connery phoned it in for this movie and hung up [...]