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17 07, 2009

The Walrus Plan

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It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. We’ve pontificated about how he should play Doc Savage on the big screen and has all the makings of Hollywood’s next action star. But does all that mean I’ll watch a Disney kids flick just because The Rock is in it?  Yes, yes [...]

31 05, 2009

Walrus Trek

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I made it to a Memorial Day matinee of Star Trek, but then real life got in the way of writing up this review. I suppose I could have said “Okay as a summer blockbuster, bad as Star Trek”, but one of our meat and potatoes topics deserves a deeper explanation. Story The script has [...]

14 12, 2008

Johnny Walrus

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Rowan Atkinson is sort of a mystery to me. I think the Black Adder series is pure genius, but his biggest claim to fame, Mr. Bean, does nothing for me. Well, except for the rare gem like this Christmas scene. That's just hilarious. Anyhow, I wasn't sure what to expect when my wife brought Johnny [...]

13 03, 2008

Frank Miller’s Walrus City

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Based on JPL's endorsement, I decided to pick up the Sin City DVD on a recent trip to my local library. It certainly isn't your grandfather's public library. Of the Nerd Lunch crew I have the least experience with comic books, so I approached the movie as relatively uninitiated. I remember perusing a friend's copy [...]