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23 09, 2009


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I recently had the opportunity to watch Fanboys a movie that I thought was going to seem oddly out of place and time, but probably came at the right time.StoryThe year is 1998, six months before the release of "The Phantom Menace" and four nerds who were primarily into Star Wars have entered their early [...]

8 04, 2009


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Let me be up front about this: I have never understood anime or manga. I liked Vampire Hunter D when I saw it about 12 years ago, but generally speaking the appeal has been completely lost on me. Despite the unsatisfying experiences I’ve had with anime, I’ve felt like I’ve been missing out. Do all [...]

2 03, 2008

Walrus League: New Frontier

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It's probably odd to come to this blog and read reviews about relatively recent things. A review of the new Knight Rider and now a review of Justice League: New Frontier that just came out a few days ago. Don't get used to this.Story:It's hard to rate this movie because I feel like I can't [...]