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28 10, 2009


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I will be fairly brief with this review, since it’s one of the rare occasions that we discuss a movie that is still in theaters. Zombieland is a horror-comedy (emphasis on comedy) fun ride. If you’re a George Romero fan, enjoy Shaun of the Dead, or are looking forward to Left 4 Dead 2, then [...]

18 02, 2008


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I finally got around to seeing The Prestige a few weeks back. It came very highly recommended by CT and was also something my wife was interested in seeing, so I was especially excited for movie night. Though as I've mentioned in other reviews, my opinions as of late seem to be more affected by [...]

17 10, 2007

Transwalrus: More Than Meets the Tusk

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I will preface my review of this movie by stating that there were three things I wanted out of Transformers:1. I wanted to see cars that turned into robots.2. I wanted to see robots that turned into cars (or other vehicles).3. I wanted to see those robots fight each other.4. I also wanted to see [...]