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25 01, 2012

Nerd Lunch Podcast 21: Comic Book Scenarios

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While Jeeg is off jet setting overseas, Pax and CT take advantage and welcome Vanessa and Erika from Girls Gone Geek to discuss "comic book scenarios." The podcasting crew discuss super powers, sidekicks, and which characters should be killed and stay dead. Plus, one member's "Nerd To-Do" reveals a desire to finally do some Black [...]

16 11, 2011

Element: Klingon

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As a special little coda to yesterday's post about Episode 11 of the Nerd Lunch Podcast, we wanted to share this awesome graphic that Jen sent us. In fact, I will just share her email:Background....We're hosting a party room at WindyCon this coming weekend and the theme is The Periodic Table of Sci-Fi Elements. Our [...]

25 10, 2011

Nerd Lunch Podcast 8: Nerd Interior Decorating

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Long time friend of Nerd Lunch, Fitz, occupies the fourth chair this week. In this episode the guys outfit some rooms with the finest in nerd decor. Fictional decorating budgets are blown on vintage pulp magazines, a replica lightsaber hilt, a Magic d20 of Destiny, and a Pimp Daddy Destro action figure amongst other items. [...]

13 10, 2011

Space Ghost Gallery

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Back when we were doing the Nerd Lunch Reboot Challenge, I briefly toyed with the idea of making Space Ghost one of my reboot entries. I actually wrote some Space Ghost spec scripts years ago. I think the character has a ton of potential. However, he was rebooted a couple different times in recent years. [...]

29 06, 2010

Snub Fighter

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Fill-in Atomic Geek Mark Dury is a man who inspires self-loathing in me. I have an on-again/off-again relationship with video production, so seeing what Mr. Dury does just makes me want to abandon it all.He posted a funny little video this morning that's a re-edit of the end of Star Wars. It's very impressive how [...]

16 04, 2010

Tales Never Told: Dixon & The Dude

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This is a reposting of a story I wrote for my other blog. No one cared over there, so I thought I'd repost it here and see if I could make more people not care.I have a few ideas that I've pitched or even just started and not pitched over the years. I hang on [...]

5 02, 2010

The Man Behind the Mountain

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On occasion, I like to find some cool artists on the web and bring them to your attention here. It occurred to me that there's one guy I've never done that for in over 300 posts here at the blog and that's Bill Wiist, the man who drew the picture of us that's been on [...]

23 11, 2009

Hatter Entertainment

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Although it's been a while, every so often I like to point out some cool artist I find out there on the internets. The one I'm mentioning in this post is one I've "refound."As I may have mentioned before, almost 12 years ago, I interned at Marvel Comics in the editorial department. It was a [...]

19 09, 2009

Everything’s Archie

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When most people think of comic books, super heroes come to mind. Comics gave us Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and the Hulk, arguably five of the most popular characters in the world. While super heroes are the dominant force in comic books, a guy and his friends who live in a town called Riverdale [...]

27 11, 2008

Antique Nerd Show

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The guy who owned the last company I worked for also did a lot of real estate stuff. While cleaning one of his properties, he found a copy of the funnies from Champaign-Urbana, IL's local paper, The News-Gazette, that dated all the way back to March 29, 1936.He knew I was into comics and gave [...]