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14 09, 2008

Pesky Steambugs

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While bugs might not be so annoying if they ran on steam, something like this just seems to be asking for trouble. Using bug parts and various other pieces to create a cyborg-insect, Steampunk-style is almost worse that what would happen if monkeys and dolphins teamed up to destroy mankind.But Mike Libby has decided to [...]

28 05, 2008

Making Sense of Pac-Man

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Someone on one of the message boards I read pointed out this T-shirt you can get that gives some explanation of Pac-Man. It doesn't really explain Mrs. Pac-Man, but I'm not really sure I'm ready for that explanation.The artist, Travis Pitts, has some other neat designs you can view at his site including a Lando [...]

14 04, 2008

Steam-operated Death Star

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I just ran across another site that's got some art doing Star Wars, Steam-style. These are illustrations done by a guy named Eric Poulton. Looks like there's some neat stuff on the blog as a whole, but what really caught my eye was the Death Star.I'd love to see a really good direct-to-DVD animated movie [...]

13 04, 2008

Steam-operated Lightsaber

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Another batch of customized action figures have gotten my attention. And again, these were made by the same guy who did the Victorian-era Justice League figures I referenced awhile back.He's produced a set of Steampunk-style Star Wars action figures. I think my personal favorite is the reinterpretation of C-3PO.I like these mostly for the potential [...]

16 01, 2008

Steam-operated Trouble Alert

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I've seem three different sites I frequent reference these custom action figures. I thought I'd bring them up here. Nice design of a Victorian-era Justice League. Takes the Gotham by Gaslight concept and stretches it out to the entire League. A story based on these characters would be great.I just mentioned this to PLee the [...]

3 11, 2007

The League of Extraordinary Pac-Gentlemen

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We don't often discuss art per se on this blog, but it seems that a wacky artist named Doktor_A has created something right in our collective wheelhouse. Behold the steam punk version of Pac-Man, "Pac Gentleman".I would sugest that the Nautilus in LXG might have had a whole parlor full of these for Nemo's entertainment, [...]