11 03, 2014

Nerd Lunch Podcast 122: The Atomic Weeks – Nerd Lent

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It's another set of theme shows for Nerd Lunch as we begin "The Atomic Weeks!" We celebrate along with The Atomic Geeks as they surpass their five-year mark by having each of them as a guest on our show. First up, former Geek, Andrew Bloom (now of Classic Film Jerks) joins us to discuss the [...]

15 04, 2013

(Nerd) Lunch Special: Starbuck’s Iced Coffee

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I’ve mentioned my love of coffee several times on here and the podcast, but I haven’t talked much about my progression from Mountain Dew drinker to coffee junkie. The proverbial crossing of the Rubicon occurred in my early 20s when I was making a lot of road trips and needed a convenience store offering with [...]

1 10, 2012

(Nerd) Lunch Special: Bulletproof® Coffee

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Bulletproof® coffee is something I first heard about on Twitter from our friend Steve from Food Junk. I found the concept instantly intriguing, but was too lazy to do anything about it right away. When I finally did ask Steve about it and learned that he hadn’t tried it firsthand, I knew we had to [...]