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15 08, 2011

Nerd Lunch: The Web Series – Final Episode Commentary

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Wrapping up our commentary series with the final episode of Nerd Lunch: The Web Series. Yes, you read that right. The final episode. I loved making this series and wish it were in the cards to do more. I had more ideas and regret not being able to share them in this venue at this [...]

1 08, 2011

Nerd Lunch: The Web Series – Episode One Commentary

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First, happy birthday to Savannah, my "Nerd Lunch: The Web Series" co-host. I hope it's a great day and that no one forces you to watch some guy eat a bunch of hot dogs. Second, I have to say a special thanks to Will "The Thrill" Viharo for an incredible review of "Nerd Lunch: The [...]

23 03, 2009

Shatner Week: Star Trek

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Captain James T. Kirk, the role that William Shatner is best known for, would very likely be on the "Nerd Mount Rushmore." (Who else makes it on the "NMR"? That's another post.) In watching Classic Trek, there are three different William Shatner's:1) The overactor. This is the William Shatner that everyone makes fun of. The [...]

25 01, 2009

Walrusboy II: The Golden Disappointment

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Story:The plot for Hellboy II was derivative and had a change in tone from the first movie that I wasn't too keen on. The movie opens with the set up for "The Golden Army" that has a backstory very reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings. I could get past that, but then the movie [...]

3 12, 2007

Talking Through Movies

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I am very intolerant of people who talk through movies. There are times for it, sure. If you and those watching the movie mutually decide this is a movie worthy of commenting through, or if you've seen the movie 700 times and it's just on for background noise.The other main exception is when those involved [...]