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11 09, 2012

Nerd Lunch Podcast 52: DC Movies Strategic Plan

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William Bruce West settles into the fourth chair this week as we attempt to formulate a strategic plan for DC Comics' movie franchises. We delve into DC's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for success, and threats to putting together a successful run. We debate how much DC should crib from Marvel, the much rumored JLA movie, crossing [...]

24 07, 2012

Nerd Lunch Podcast 47: Expanded Universes

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Pax, CT, Shawn Robare, and TAG Irregular Mark Dury provide our take on expanded universes. We discuss our favorite EUs from Star Wars to the Buffyverse, talk about what works or doesn't work in EU, and offer up some properties we wish had EU. When we're done, be sure to check out this week's episode [...]

16 12, 2009

Superman II: The Walrus Cut

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As I've mentioned before, the 1978 Richard Donner-directed Superman film is my favorite comic book movie of all time. I'll be the first to admit that there are flaws in that film but nothing like the flaws in the subsequent sequels. It is often argued that Superman II is one of the greatest comic book [...]

3 12, 2008

Krypton Blows Up…Again

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The year was 1986 and John Byrne, along with contributions by several others, successfully condensed the origin story of Superman into a six issue mini-series simply titled "Man of Steel." While I had been reading comics for a year or so already, it with that mini and subsequent relaunch of the Superman titles that my [...]

26 08, 2008

00Walrus #13.5: Never Say Never Again

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NEVER SAY NEVER AGAINBond: Sean Connery - 1 tuskAfter 12 years off, Connery turns in a performance that is a site for sore eyes. Perhaps it's one that really hadn't been seen since Thunderball. Of course, he's older now, but that's accounted for in the script. And he's still two years younger than Roger Moore [...]

16 01, 2008

Steam-operated Trouble Alert

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I've seem three different sites I frequent reference these custom action figures. I thought I'd bring them up here. Nice design of a Victorian-era Justice League. Takes the Gotham by Gaslight concept and stretches it out to the entire League. A story based on these characters would be great.I just mentioned this to PLee the [...]