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13 12, 2016

Nerd Lunch Podcast 255: Christmas TV Crossovers

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Nerd Lunch's holiday celebration begins this week as Michael DiGiovanni returns to the Fourth Chair to continue our Christmas tradition. This year we pay homage to holiday themed TV episodes. Rather than recounting our favorites, we create Christmas crossover events that we wish existed for specific TV lineups of years gone by. If you ever [...]

20 11, 2012

Nerd Lunch Podcast 62: More Fan Fiction Reviews

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Rielly, formerly of Geek Girls Network, returns to the show to help us review more stories from This time we focus on movie based stories with more vampires, dragons, imaginary friends, and super scientists than you can shake an iPod at. And fear not listeners, we do accidentally run into some slash fic. Yeah, [...]

22 05, 2012

Nerd Lunch Podcast 38: TV Crossovers

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Perhaps the Internet's leading expert on TV crossovers and the founder of, Thom Holbrook, joins us for a great episode this week. We discuss what makes a crossover great, run down some of our favorites, and then propose some crossovers we wish would happen.  Our conversation is a roll call of great TV from [...]

19 07, 2011

Nerd Cavalcade of Lunch Awesome

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Awesome.That's the word that I would use to describe my Saturday, July 9. And it's an appropriate word to use since I got to hang out with Paxton Holley from the Cavalcade of Awesome blog. I've referenced Paxton before. We were awarded a "Versatile Blogger Award" from him last September.Followers of this blog or Nerd [...]

30 12, 2009

This Day in Nerd Lunch History: December 30, 2004

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JEEG:If only more people knew about this episode. I click on the link, read the article. I wonder if the same actor played Manimal in Nightman. So I look him up on IMDb. Simon MacCorkindale played Manimal in "Manimal" and Manimal in "Nightman."As I'm looking through his list of other work, I notice that [...]

28 02, 2009

Comic Book Throwdown: Modern Movie Legion of Doom

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This isn't necessarily comic book related other than I'm lifting the "Legion of Doom" name for this.The challenge:Pick at least five villains from movies that came out over the past ten years and form a "Legion of Doom" who would make a formidable, nefarious alliance.Here's mine...Davey JonesWhile I thought the second and third Pirates of [...]

16 11, 2008

All hail Poobala

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I mentioned Poobala's Crossovers & Spin Offs site in a 2007 post about some of my favorite TV crossovers. Allow me to restate how fantastic this site is. Sure, the web design aesthetic is straight out of the year 1997, but the content cannot be topped. Take this little example. My wife's latest guilty pleasure [...]

10 08, 2007

Captain Kirk, meet K.I.T.T.

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Since the time I could understand what they were, I've found TV show crossovers to be fascinating. Seeing how favorite characters from different environments interact with each other is the primary draw, but there are also several "inside baseball" factors which have nerd appeal (the behind the scenes finagling to bring the crossover to reality, [...]

25 07, 2007

Marvelous Co-Existence

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I read the news that Samuel L. Jackson and Hillary Swank will be playing bit parts in next year's Iron Man movie. Jackson will presumably be playing Nick Fury and I would guess Swank a strong contender for The Black Widow. There have been rumors circulating that the Iron Man movie would lead into spin-offs [...]