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7 04, 2015

Nerd Lunch Podcast 173: Doctor Who Drill Down 2

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CT takes the reigns of the show and rides without Pax and Jeeg this week. A three way dance still happens as Kay returns to the show for the long awaited Doctor Who discussion. Also joining them is Todd from The trio ride the TARDIS for an extra long episode discussing the past ten [...]

27 02, 2014

The Doctor Who Board Game

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Recently on the podcast, we did a show all about board games. One of our listeners, Graham Crouse, reached out to us on Facebook to tell us about a board game that he crafted to play with his son. I thought it was so awesome, I asked if he'd be willing to let us share [...]

14 01, 2014

Nerd Lunch Podcast 114: Nerdstradamus 2014

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After we revisit last year’s amazing predictions and discover who was the true Nerdstradamus of 2013, the crew welcomes Rob Graham to the 4th Chair for another round of prognostication. What does the coming year hold for TV, movies, fast food, and celebrities? Only those who gaze into our crystal balls will know. This week’s [...]

16 04, 2013

Nerd Lunch Podcast 81: Replace Me

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We all have social events we'd rather not attend. Rielly joins us to talk about who we’d send in our places if we could get away with it. Listen to find out which Muppet would show up at the office Christmas party, which dead celebrity would handle the in-laws' family reunion, which fictional character would [...]

31 07, 2012

Nerd Lunch Podcast 48: Drill Down – Doctor Who

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Nerd Lunch's second entry into this year's [expletive] TAG Network Summer Crossover Series features a whole cast of guests. CT is joined by both Michael DiGiovanni and [expletive] Michael Downs from The Atomic Geeks and Kristin Rielly from the Geek Girls Network and they have a big ol' [expletive] discussion about Doctor Who. Who was [...]

16 07, 2012

Bring Back Paul McGann

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There apparently was a Doctor Who panel this past weekend at SDCC. I read a bit about it, but not so much to spoil myself. But there was one thing I was hoping to learn. I was hoping to learn that season 7 would feature an appearance by Paul McGann. Because quite frankly…it's past time.As [...]

17 04, 2012

11 Days

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This is it. The countdown is practically over. The work is done. There's just one more class to attend. The journey is all but complete. It's been over three years since I began the journey to go back to school and I stand at the precipice wondering if it was worth it or not. There's [...]

2 12, 2011

Nerd Lunch Wives: What Makes a Good Nerd Wife?

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And so this series of posts written by the Nerd Lunch Wives comes to a close. An impressive series to be sure. My fear now is that they are going to go off and start their own blog that will put ours to shame. Or maybe instead, we can entice them to grace us with [...]