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14 06, 2016

Nerd Lunch Podcast 234: Fan Fiction Reviews 5

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This week the Nerds are joined by Atomic Geek Christian and they once again return to the wonderland that is  Everyone is assigned random movies that are combined into crossover subjects that are then selected from's crossover movie story section.  It's lots of weird complicated fun where we discuss stories involving Tinkerbell, James [...]

4 03, 2014

Nerd Lunch Podcast 121: Fan Fic Reviews 4

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In this week's Nerd Lunch, we return to one of our favorite franchise topics... FAN FIC REVIEWS! Thrice before we've done this topic (18, 62, 95) and each time we've had a blast. For our fourth foray into fanfic (suddenly this has turned into narration from the Batman TV show…sheesh), we do something a bit special [...]

23 07, 2013

Nerd Lunch Podcast 95: TAG Network Crossover – Fan Fic Review 3

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It's a very special episode of Nerd Lunch! This week on the show, CT, Jeeg and Pax take off for the Great White North and are replaced by The Atomic Geeks. Michael DiGiovanni (aka MD), Christian Nielsen and Mike Downs take over Nerd Lunch and welcome Fourth Chair Ryan Hewson from The Perpetual Geek Machine [...]

5 03, 2013

Nerd Lunch Podcast 75: You’ve Got The Rights

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Atomic Geek and co-host of The Classic Film Jerks, Andrew Bloom, saddles up in our fourth chair for this week's episode. After getting an update on Bloom's bathroom renovations (seriously), we exchange ideas on what to do if we had the rights to a classic character but not the rest of the universe. Listen to [...]

20 11, 2012

Nerd Lunch Podcast 62: More Fan Fiction Reviews

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Rielly, formerly of Geek Girls Network, returns to the show to help us review more stories from This time we focus on movie based stories with more vampires, dragons, imaginary friends, and super scientists than you can shake an iPod at. And fear not listeners, we do accidentally run into some slash fic. Yeah, [...]

3 01, 2012

Nerd Lunch Podcast 18: Fan Fiction Reviews

By |2017-08-04T10:35:36-04:00January 3rd, 2012|Categories: Podcast|Tags: , , , , , , , , |2 Comments

Jay from The Sexy Armpit returns to our guest chair to kick off a new year of the podcast. Jay joins Pax, Jeeg, and CT in an exploration of the terrifying majesty that is After coming to grips with the site, each of us selects a fan fiction story for a favorite property, does [...]

16 04, 2010

Tales Never Told: Dixon & The Dude

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This is a reposting of a story I wrote for my other blog. No one cared over there, so I thought I'd repost it here and see if I could make more people not care.I have a few ideas that I've pitched or even just started and not pitched over the years. I hang on [...]

28 02, 2009

Comic Book Throwdown: Modern Movie Legion of Doom

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This isn't necessarily comic book related other than I'm lifting the "Legion of Doom" name for this.The challenge:Pick at least five villains from movies that came out over the past ten years and form a "Legion of Doom" who would make a formidable, nefarious alliance.Here's mine...Davey JonesWhile I thought the second and third Pirates of [...]

17 04, 2008

Oddly Shaped Dice: Predator

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I love Predator. It offers a blend of action and sci-fi that reaches a level of awesome matched only by its cousin, Aliens. With that bias, it's not too surprising that a Predator based scenario was on my to-do list when we were running d20 Modern one-shots several years back. As fate would have it, [...]

19 07, 2007

Fan Fiction

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I fully admit that I am a nerd. In fact, I've been saying that since before it was cool to be nerdy or geeky. However, some of my interests take me off the beaten path of "nerdom" to subjects like pro-wrestling and soap operas. Others keep me from treading where other nerds dare. And one [...]