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3 09, 2012

(Nerd) Lunch Special: Gyros Eggs Benedict

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I’m not sure how many times we’ve mentioned gyros over the years, but it’s no secret how much the Nerd Lunch crew loves that Greek delicacy.  We haven’t discussed breakfast food nearly as much, but I love it too.  I could eat breakfast food anytime and regularly tee up eggs or pancakes for lunch or [...]

23 02, 2012

German (Nerd) Lunch Special: Döner Kebab

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Upon returning form Europe most people would probably talk about the diverse cultures, natural wonders, or historical sites they experienced. But I’ll leave that sort of thing to Rick Steves and focus on the really interesting stuff: fast food.   One of the few things I requested from my hosts was a trip out for [...]

1 11, 2011

Nerd Lunch Podcast 9: The Replicators Are Broken!

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On this week’s episode CT, Pax, and Jeeg embark on an excursion under the command of starship captain and pop culture blogger Jay Amabile of The Sexy Armpit blog. When a wormhole flings the ship across the galaxy and damages all systems, some hard choices have to be made. Jeeg can get the damaged food [...]

1 10, 2011

(Nerd) Lunch Special: The Works Gyro

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Regular readers of this blog know that the gyro holds a special place in the hearts of the Nerd Lunch crew. Our favorite gyro place, Niro’s Gyros, was a regular stop when we all lived in the same city and is still a go-to spot for hossin’ on those rare times we all can get [...]

26 08, 2011

CT’s Road Trip, part 5: Hello, old friends…

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One of the greatest things about returning home is being able to visit all the restaurants you loved, but don't have around your new area. It's been six years, but I still long for several places in the Champaign-area, many of which are fortunately still around. But just as some places go, there are new [...]

29 08, 2010

Kronos Free Gyros Day

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Mark your calendars, gyro fans. This Tuesday, August 31st, is Kronos Free Gyros Day. Simply print a coupon from the Kronos website, enjoy a free gyro at one of dozens of Chicagoland restaurants, and help out some veterans by making a donation to Fisher House. Sounds like a great deal to me.

29 02, 2008

(Nerd) Lunch Special: Fodrak’s Gyros

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Back during our in-person nerd lunches, we had to meet at a place which was convenient to our places of employment and/or study. Those logistics ruled out our favorite fast food joint, Niro's Gyros. Niro's was the choice for hossin' during our day long sessions of DVD watching or D&D playing and the gyro was [...]

29 12, 2007

Meeting of the Nerds

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The three of us got together today for the first Nerd Lunch we've had in about a year. We're spread out over the country now, me in Florida and the other two in different spots in Illinois. But, Christmas time brings me back to Illinois and Jeeg was able to come down and meet up [...]