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26 03, 2009

Shatner Week: The Transformed Man

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As mentioned in yesterday's post, William Shatner has parodied himself quite a bit and found some success with that in commercials and bit parts in movies going back to 1982 in Airplane II, but I've had mixed feelings about that. I was glad that he could find exposure and work of some kind (especially the [...]

25 03, 2009

Shatner Week: Has Been

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I'm not entirely sure what Shatner was trying to accomplish with The Transformed Man. What may have been an attempt to be truly artistic turned into a largely mocked and campy outcome. The album is Shatner unleashed and I think Shatner is at his best on a leash.Shatner's performances of "Hey Mr. Tambourine Man" and [...]

21 06, 2008

Star Wars Holiday Special

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In our recent discussion of the latest Indiana Jones movie, CT mentioned that he's no fan of George Lucas. I know we both have stronger feelings about him, but we haven't had many opportunities to riff on that theme over the past year. In short, I think the guy is a hack. Return of the [...]