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27 09, 2008

Test of Time: The Goonies

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I know, another regular feature is just what we need around here. In the proud tradition of WrestleCrap Radio, I'm all for throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. The idea for this post came from an episode of the Nick Digilio Show from a few months back. Nick and his producer, Andy [...]

31 05, 2008

Fourth Time’s A Charm?

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D&D 4th Edition will hit the shelves next week. I game so infrequently that I don't know if or when I'll make the switch and admittedly had not been paying much attention to the impending release. That being said, I realize it's a significant event amongst the RPGers still out there and I've been become [...]

29 03, 2008

Why Walruses?

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A couple weeks back, CT thought an explanation of the walrus rating system would be a good idea. As I said then, it's not a terribly exciting story. Though excitement isn't a prerequisite for my posts, so here it is.In the year or two leading up to our in-person nerd lunches and during that time, [...]

17 03, 2008


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I'm not really sure where the term "Nerd Lunch" originated. For me, I guess it started when PLee and I worked together at a fairly tedious publishing gig. The two of us, joined by various others over the months we worked there, would go out for lunch and talk about the latest comics and sci-fi [...]

25 01, 2008

This Day in Nerd Lunch History: January 25, 2004

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It's like a genetically engineered super-tool. Part pick ax, part hatchet, part crowbar, all awesome. It's the Halligan Tool. It's a tool firefighters use primarily for forcible entry. But as a nerd, I see it and think it's pretty much the human equivalent of a Bat'leth. Sure, not as sleek as the Bat'leth, but potentially [...]

25 10, 2007

This Day in Nerd Lunch History: October 24, 2003

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PLee:Has anyone gotten around to renting "Nemesis" to see if there's any explanation of what Wes is doing these days?....Didn't think so.CT:You and I already checked the novelization. We know what he's going to be doing--night shift chief of engineering on the Titan.PLee:Oh, yeah. That's right.Doesn't that seem like an awful anticlimax for this guy [...]