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6 08, 2017

Quantum Leap’s King Thunder

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Yesterday, after posting my Quantum Leap Blu-ray review, a conversation was started on Twitter as someone noticed the KISSesque image on the cover art of the Blu-ray set. Wait, @nerdlunch , there was an episode of Quantum Leap where Sam jumped into the body of Ace Frehley from KISS? — Hoju Koolander (@hojukoolander) August [...]

17 03, 2015

Nerd Lunch Podcast 170: Fictional Bands

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This week the nerds are joined by Jay from SexyArmpit and Tim from Neighborhood Archive to discuss their favorite fictional bands.  Expect lots of talk about bands like The Pinheads, The Folksmen, The Guys Next Door and Sexy Lingerie.  Plus lots more. At the end, in our lightning round, listen to us try to guess [...]

18 01, 2008

Imaginary Band: The Mighty Sons of Hercules!

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I did a post awhile back about my discovery of the Sons of Hercules . . . this was a syndicated collection of Steve Reeves-type swords-and-sandals movies, where the narration was changed a bit to indicate that the lead character was a son of Hercules (thereby linking these otherwise unrelated movies).Now, I’ve been kicking around [...]

15 11, 2007

Imaginary Band: Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?

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I’m listening to a lot of saxophone as I get ready to strap on the old tenor (or maybe the baritone) and play a couple of reunion shows with my old soul/R&B/oldies band. I’ve been interested lately in the New Orleans brass band tradition.Like any style of music, this has been through a lot of [...]