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2 04, 2013

Nerd Lunch Podcast 79: Drill Down – Firefly

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After 20 months of doing the podcast, we finally decide it's time to cover Joss Whedon's sci-fi western classic, Firefly and the follow-up movie Serenity. And to occupy the fourth treadmill (?) for this conversation we call in our own big damn hero, Mark Dury. We recap our history with Mr. Whedon at the time [...]

11 09, 2012

Nerd Lunch Podcast 52: DC Movies Strategic Plan

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William Bruce West settles into the fourth chair this week as we attempt to formulate a strategic plan for DC Comics' movie franchises. We delve into DC's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for success, and threats to putting together a successful run. We debate how much DC should crib from Marvel, the much rumored JLA movie, crossing [...]

1 09, 2012

One More Thing about the SHIELD TV Series

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Summer Glau as Jessica Drew, codename Spider-Woman.  She's been enhanced with spider DNA, raised by HYDRA, and trained by the Taskmaster, and in the pilot, she turns and starts working for SHIELD with Dum-Dum as her handler.  A little Alias, a little Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  Summer has the looks and the action chops, [...]

29 08, 2012

Ten Things about the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series

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1.  Good choice, Marvel.  Show the grand scope of the Marvel Universe through the eyes of the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., supercops and superspies but ultimately normal men and women in an increasingly non-normal world.2.  Colbie Smuthers reprising her role as Maria Hill on at least a recurring basis seems totally doable, doesn't it?  "How I [...]