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2 04, 2019

The Chap Report with Carlin Trammel

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It's a postscript to March as The Chap Report's March episode finds itself in the beginning of April. Corey welcomes back Carlin Trammel of "Nerd Lunch Prime." The two talk A LOT about planes which includes a metaphor for Carlin's post-Nerd Lunch Podcast career, LOST and what it's like to fly on planes. Also, Carlin [...]

4 05, 2010

How I Watch TV

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Firefly was the greatest 14 episode television series ever made. As if Friday evening wasn't already good enough, that one hour of television turned Friday evening into something magical. Yeah, I watched it when it aired beginning with "The Train Job" and going all the way through to "Serenity." (Talking aired order here, not actual [...]

25 07, 2009

Be Seeing You

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While only 17 episodes (and of those, only 10 or so are good), the original Prisoner was compelling, thought-provoking television that came way ahead of its time. Patrick McGoohan produced, wrote and starred in this series about a former spy who was brought to a village in order to learn some secrets. It was very [...]