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10 06, 2011

My Atomic Picks II

By |2017-03-17T00:52:53-04:00June 10th, 2011|Categories: Article|Tags: , , , |3 Comments

I recently had the opportunity to join The Atomic Geeks (check them out, they are really good!) again on their podcast. Once again, I had some "Atomic Picks" and have decided to share them here with a bit of elaboration.The first one is a "Atomic Pan" actually. I recently picked up a couple of figures from [...]

10 02, 2011

Those ’70s Shows

By |2017-03-17T00:59:02-04:00February 10th, 2011|Categories: Article|Tags: , , |9 Comments

I'm a sucker for TV shows on DVD. And even more so when said TV shows are super cheap. Despite having too much going on in my life right now, I picked up hours upon hours of nerdy television goodness recently due to the low, low prices.Gil Gerard headlines Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. [...]

3 11, 2010

Zombies, Mining, and Barnacles

By |2017-03-17T03:00:04-04:00November 3rd, 2010|Categories: Article|Tags: , , , , |12 Comments

Jeeg, PLee and I had a good e-mail discussion yesterday. Here's an edited version that we share with you. CT: Re: The Walking Dead . . . suddenly a genre show is cool and if you didn't watch it, you're a nerd outcast. I think I liked it better when society didn't like the things [...]

30 07, 2010

By Whedon’s Beard

By |2017-03-17T00:59:46-04:00July 30th, 2010|Categories: Article|Tags: , , , , , |4 Comments

PLee and I had a bit of an e-mail discussion recently about Joss Whedon directing the Avengers. My thoughts are posted here for dissection. There are Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Dr. Horrible spoilers below so beware if you haven't completed those series.I honestly have mixed feelings about Joss directing The Avengers. The pros are that he can do team [...]

17 06, 2010

The Howling Commandos and the Sliding Timeline

By |2017-03-17T01:00:46-04:00June 17th, 2010|Categories: Article|Tags: , |4 Comments

I've always been fond of the Howling Commandos, Stan and Jack's mid-60s creation that gave us a WWII "ethnic diversity squad" in the Mighty Marvel Manner. The Howlers have been confirmed to appear in the upcoming Captain America movie.Now one way this gets interesting is that while the original Howlers used the traditional white guy [...]

14 06, 2010

The Mighty Invaders

By |2017-03-17T01:00:46-04:00June 14th, 2010|Categories: Article|Tags: , , |8 Comments

Word on the street is that "Captain America: The First Avenger" will have a big role for Cap's WWII allies, the Invaders.In the 1970s, Marvel writer and Golden Age fanboy supreme Roy Thomas decided to pull a major retcon and say that Cap, Namor, and the android Human Torch (along with various sidekicks and later [...]

30 04, 2010

Nerd + Lunch

By |2017-03-17T01:00:47-04:00April 30th, 2010|Categories: Article|Tags: , , , , , , |2 Comments

Generally the posts on this blog are either about nerdy stuff (sci-fi, comics, RPGs, etc.) or food. Thus, the name of this blog being great for combining both interests into one succinct phrase. Every so often these interests merge. And in the last couple days, I've noticed a few of these nerdy lunchy things.Michael DiGiovanni [...]

18 03, 2010

When a Nerd Becomes a Dad: The Little Einsteins

By |2017-03-17T02:36:34-04:00March 18th, 2010|Categories: Article|Tags: , , , , |8 Comments

Our friend Cordy has graciously accepted the request to submit an article to Nerd Lunch. We like it so much, we're going to spread it out over two posts. I'll let PLee introduce Cordy...Cordy "The Red-Headed Stepp Child" Stepp designs forklifts for a living, perhaps as a result of his traumatic forklift accident as a [...]

4 02, 2010

Mount Rushmore of Nerdom: Stan Lee

By |2017-03-17T01:00:48-04:00February 4th, 2010|Categories: Article|Tags: , , |4 Comments

Well, who didn't see this one coming?I thought about making this write-up a simple "'nuff said" but that didn't seem fair.  Marvel Comics revolutionized the way stories in comics were told.  Taking the approach of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what actually stuck, Stan Lee would go on to co-create some of America's [...]