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5 05, 2008

True Believers

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Hulk - Summer 2008Ant-Man - UnknownIron Man 2 - April 30, 2010Thor - June 4, 2010The First Avenger: Captain America - May 6, 2011The Avengers - July 2011Well, there's the schedule for Avengers-related movies that are in the pipeline. I put Ant-Man in there in the hopes that Marvel will get that out in 2009. [...]

14 11, 2007

Bagged and Boarded

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I guess it began before I was even born. My dad collected comics as a kid and subsequently, I was introduced to them at an early age. The first comic book I remember getting was a treasury-sized edition of G.I. Joe #1. A few years later, I began collecting the Super Powers action figures which [...]

25 07, 2007

Marvelous Co-Existence

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I read the news that Samuel L. Jackson and Hillary Swank will be playing bit parts in next year's Iron Man movie. Jackson will presumably be playing Nick Fury and I would guess Swank a strong contender for The Black Widow. There have been rumors circulating that the Iron Man movie would lead into spin-offs [...]

4 07, 2007

Main Character Deaths

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Captain America recently died in an issue of Captain America published by Marvel Comics. Shot by a sniper and betrayed by a friend, Cap went down fairly easily after over 60 years of surviving foes such as the Red Skull, Doctor Doom and even Galactus. Setting aside completely the debate about whether he'll be back [...]