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20 09, 2011

Nerd Lunch Podcast 3: Dude, Where’s My Fast Food Mascot?

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In this week's episode, Paxton, Jeeg and CT are joined by Nick, the genius behind Nick explains the origins of DudeFoods, what it's like to go viral, his unique method for conducting a taste test, and more. Later in the show, these four fast food fanatics discuss some of the best, worst and creepiest [...]

17 05, 2011

#WendysWins: Fry vs. Fry II

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I recently heard from our friends at Wendy's again. They were sharing some news that they recently conducted a national taste test where consumers said Wendy’s new fries (the ones they asked me to review back in November) taste better than McDonald’s fries. (More on the survey can be found here.) Then they threw down [...]

28 10, 2010

Monopoly at McDonalds No More!

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I don't play the lottery. Why? Because I'm sane and know that I would have to have a terminal case of the luck virus to ever win. But what has traditionally gotten me is the Monopoly game at McDonald's. In the past, I have rationalized it as such: I have to eat anyway. Might as [...]

13 08, 2009

(Nerd) Lunch Special: McDonald’s Angus Third Pounders

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I was out and about for lunch earlier this week and decided to try one of the new Angus Third Pounders at McDonald’s. As I mentioned in my post about McCafe coffee, I consider cheap prices to be one of McDonald’s cardinal virtues. A $4 premium burger doesn’t meet that criterion, but I’m a sucker [...]

31 07, 2009

If Bruce Wayne, the Monopoly Guy, and Bill Gates had a private McDonalds…

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It would probably look something like this:    Shingle style barn architecture, leather furniture, art glass lamps, and a fireplace. That’s how fast food is done in one of Chicago’s richest suburbs, Lake Forest. Luckily they still have the Dollar Menu for out of town schmucks like me, so I was able to get a [...]