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21 06, 2013

Superman Week: Man of Steel

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When it comes to certain properties, I carry a lot of baggage. Star Trek, the Muppets, A-Team...these are all things I've talked about before on the blog having a great passion for. And when Hollywood decides to delve into these passions of mine, I can get nervous and have concerns that they won't treat the [...]

13 05, 2013

3 Reasons Iron Man 3 is the Best of the Iron Man Movies

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It's been out for over a week now and my impression is that Iron Man 3 has gotten some mixed reactions. This is true at least for the people in my circles that I listen to. I initially had some concerns about this film. First, it had the unenviable task of being the first of [...]

13 01, 2012

Green Walrus

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I think it was around 1990 when I remember reading news of a Green Lantern movie that was in production. Being that he has long been one of my favorite comic book characters, I was excited for such a project. Needless to say, that movie either had a long development time or that exact project [...]

5 12, 2011

CT Reviews The Muppets

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I can admit that I was wrong. And I was on some things, perhaps not on others. (Light spoilers for "The Muppets" ahead.)I recently detailed a whole blog post where I explained why I was not excited about the new Muppets movie. I knew there would be a day where I would revisit that post. [...]

28 07, 2011

CUT TO: Twenty Years Later…

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Twenty years ago yesterday, a 14 year old boy went on his first date with a girl. They went to see Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner then they walked to the local mall and ate at Hardee's. Seven years later, that boy and girl would get married. And thirteen years after that, [...]