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25 01, 2009


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Every so often a TV show or movie comes along which seems tailor made for me. Often times that is a recipe for disappointment, but not in the case of The Wrestler. It has received strong praise from every corner, including rave reviews from Nerd Lunch favorites Nick Digilio and RD Reynolds. Like RD I [...]

14 12, 2008

Johnny Walrus

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Rowan Atkinson is sort of a mystery to me. I think the Black Adder series is pure genius, but his biggest claim to fame, Mr. Bean, does nothing for me. Well, except for the rare gem like this Christmas scene. That's just hilarious. Anyhow, I wasn't sure what to expect when my wife brought Johnny [...]

5 11, 2008

00Walrus #20: Die Another Day

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DIE ANOTHER DAY Bond: Pierce Brosnan - 1 tusk I feel sorry for Pierce because in spite of not really having a high opinion of his third entry, he really deserved better than this to go out on. This winds up being Brosnan's Moonraker. (And calling it that might be a compliment.) In spite of [...]

30 10, 2008

00Walrus #19: The World Is Not Enough

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THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH Bond: Pierce Brosnan - 2 tusks For the most part, I have no major problems with Pierce Brosnan. He really does a good job taking the style of Roger Moore and infusing action into the role. There are glimpses of ruthlessness in this movie that I think do harken back [...]

22 10, 2008

00Walrus #18: Tomorrow Never Dies

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TOMORROW NEVER DIES Bond: Pierce Brosnan - 2 tusks I will admit it. I was wrong in my previous review. Brosnan turns in a stronger performance in this one than I had previously remembered. In fact, I liked him better in this one than in GoldenEye. As a character, I wasn't a big fan of [...]

18 10, 2008

Walruses on a Plane

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With all the hype that preceded Snakes on a Plane (SOAP) and its equally notable flop at the box office, I knew that I eventually would have to see it. That time finally arrived this week and the movie did not disappoint. SOAP was even more poorly conceived, ridiculous, and awful than I expected. Mission [...]

15 10, 2008

00Walrus #17: GoldenEye

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GOLDENEYE Bond: Pierce Brosnan - 2 tusks Brosnan slips comfortably into the role, a role he almost filled two movies previously. I've heard a lot of people say that Brosnan is the best Bond since Connery. Personally, I think he sets the stage here for being more of a follow up to Moore. I think [...]

13 10, 2008

00Walrus #16: License to Kill

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LICENSE TO KILLBond: Timothy Dalton - 2 tusksMaybe he wasn't perfect in Living Daylights, but he's perfect now. The infallible nature of Bond is stripped away. Controlled and channeled emotion is infused into the character. He's ruthless. He's a one-man army. Simply awesome.Girl: Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier - 2 tusksI didn't really buy into [...]

7 10, 2008

00Walrus #15: The Living Daylights

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THE LIVING DAYLIGHTSBond: Timothy Dalton - 2 tusksWhile not a perfect Bond, Dalton manages to rid the character of all the stiffness infused into the role by Roger Moore. He comes closer to Connery's Bond in tone, although he infuses more humanity into the character than either Connery or Moore ever did. This was a [...]