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7 06, 2008

00Walrus #6: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

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ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICEBond: George Lazenby - 1 tuskOn Her Majesty's Secret Service has long held the top spot as my favorite James Bond movie. A good villain, a great Bond girl, thrilling locations, and an awesome story make this one step away from being the perfect 007 movie. The weak link is George [...]

23 05, 2008

00Walrus #5: You Only Live Twice

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YOU ONLY LIVE TWICEBond: Sean Connery - 1 tuskAlong with the franchise itself, Connery begins showing his age and his performance in general isn't as exciting as any of the previous four films. And with a rather substandard story (more later) I can see why Connery phoned it in for this movie and hung up [...]

25 04, 2008

Netflix Notes 2

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Been making my way through some good viewing recently and thought it was time for another edition of CT's Netflix Notes.BobbyI've long looked at RFK as the ultimate "what coulda been" for recent U.S. History. I was looking forward to this movie, but I should have read a bit more about it before viewing because [...]

24 04, 2008


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They don't even know me and yet, Drew Goddard, Matt Reeves, and J.J. Abrams apparently sat down several months ago and decided to make a movie just for me. Cloverfield is what they came up with.BEWARE!! MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THIS MOVIE OR DON'T CARE.I'm going to try to [...]

3 04, 2008

Superwalrus Returns

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For no good reason, I decided to grab Superman Returns on a recent visit to the local library. I already knew that CT had no kind words for it and now I can partially comprehend why. Story I appreciate the attempt to start off in the middle of something and avoid repeating the origin story, [...]

13 03, 2008

Frank Miller’s Walrus City

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Based on JPL's endorsement, I decided to pick up the Sin City DVD on a recent trip to my local library. It certainly isn't your grandfather's public library. Of the Nerd Lunch crew I have the least experience with comic books, so I approached the movie as relatively uninitiated. I remember perusing a friend's copy [...]

2 03, 2008

Netflix Notes

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I've been wanting to do some full fledged walrus reviews for some of the movies I've watched recently that I got from Netflix. I never got around to typing up full reviews, so instead, here are a few quick notes about some recent things I got from Netflix.Man Against the Mob: The Chinatown MurdersI'm not [...]

2 03, 2008

Walrus League: New Frontier

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It's probably odd to come to this blog and read reviews about relatively recent things. A review of the new Knight Rider and now a review of Justice League: New Frontier that just came out a few days ago. Don't get used to this.Story:It's hard to rate this movie because I feel like I can't [...]