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10 10, 2008

Music Nerd: The dreaded lute-guitar

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About twelve years ago, I was heading towards a very dim future: a graduate degree in English medieval literature. Fortunately, as a senior writing my honors thesis on Dante's Divine Comedy, I had an epiphany: I don't like being useless, and simply talking about chivalry and honor and other noble concepts was starting to feel [...]

12 08, 2008

Instrument Shopping: Eastwood Airline H44 DLX

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It's always a sign that Plee needs a vacation when I start daydreaming about a new musical instrument. Being a lefty has kept me from buying too many guitars, but increasingly there are some cool options in my price range.I'm really not much of a guitarist, really, but I dig these weird models by the [...]

24 06, 2008

Time Is Tight

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I had to do some driving this weekend, and I decided to just bring my Booker T. and the MGs collection. That stuff is water from the well. When I was sixteen, I started listening to the old sixties soul music, especially Stax Records from Memphis ---- Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave. Booker [...]

8 04, 2008

Welcome to Nerd Heaven. Here’s your accordion.

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Many of my music-related posts have little connection to the nerdery which is our prime directive here at Nerd Lunch, but this one’s different, because if you go down to the crossroads where Music meets Nerd . . . there, you shall find an accordion.Yeah, I’m thinking about buying a button accordion. Awhile back, I [...]

31 03, 2008

Instrument Shopping: Dobro

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What we have here is a Regal RD-40MS mahogany-bodied squareneck resonator guitar. As a squareneck, it can't be played like a regular guitar --- it's played lap-style, with a steel slide. Quite affordable, and for around $200, Resophonic Outfitters will pimp your dobro, and that upgrade make a big difference in the sound.I've been circling [...]

17 03, 2008

Old-Time Music: It’s Better Than It Sounds

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Me and the wife and the baby drove down to Shelbyville to check out the monthly Old Time Fiddlers jam session. Unlike bluegrass (which developed in the late 1940s), this older stuff is mainly fiddle-driven, with no improvised instrumental solos --- just variations on the tune.So the fiddlers took turns, and there was a large [...]

29 02, 2008

Instrument Shopping: The Weissenborn acoustic lap steel

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Behold the state of the art in slide guitar technology, circa 1922. This is what you call a Weissenborn-style lap steel guitar, closely associated with Hawaiian music but also suitable for blues and certain styles of early country. They were largely replaced by resonator guitars, which were replaced by electric lap steels, which were replaced [...]