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19 03, 2010

When a Nerd Becomes a Dad: Imagination Movers

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Last time, we introduced Cordy and ran the first of his two part series where he began deconstructing childrens shows from the Nerd point-of-view. Cordy is back with a look at another show. Who knows...if enough people like this topic, maybe we'll have Cordy come back and do this again.Imagination MoversThe job of these four [...]

1 02, 2010

Mount Rushmore of Nerdom: J.R.R. Tolkien

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While Elves, Dwarves, and Trolls have long been a part of mythology and fables, it was Tolkien who took them in 1954 and gave them a place in Middle-Earth that would prove to have a lasting impact on the fantasy genre like no other author could.  His work has permeated into almost all media favored [...]

30 08, 2009

Dirty Dave’s Trip to Gen Con

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Note from Jeeg: The granddaddy of all role playing conventions, Gen Con, took place a couple weeks back. Our nerd buddy, Dirty Dave (or “The Dave” as CT and I like to call him), made the trip to Indy and filed this first ever Nerd Lunch correspondent’s report. This was my second year consecutively to [...]

19 03, 2009

March Madness

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For years, I saw sports as the sworn enemy of all things nerd. My disdain for sports matched my passion for my nerd interests. Playing them, watching them, it didn't matter. I hated sports. I think it was more than just not being good at them. It was even more than a general disdain for [...]

17 08, 2008

Gen Con: No, it’s not a brand of rat poison

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This weekend marks the annual gathering of gaming nerds, Gen Con. Nerd Lunch buddies The Dave, Peeg, and Court made the trek to Indianapolis to attend. Plee, CT, and I all had a chance to jump in as well, but none of us are actively gaming at this point and as the sidebar says: time [...]

5 08, 2008

Oddly Shaped Dice: The Forty-Niners

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I've been reading another of George MacDonald Frazier's excellent Flashman novels, about the travels and misadventures of a cowardly scoundrel of a British cavalry officer. In this novel, Flashman is on the run in the U.S. after getting accidentally involved in the slave trade, and he ends up setting out from New Orleans in a [...]

17 06, 2008

D&D 4.0: Get Your Geek On

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Just got my 4th Edition rulebooks. Being 34 has its perks, but sometimes it's nice to feel 14 again. I'm going to DM an adventure for my brother-in-law and my two nephews, ages seven and nine. The boys are both playing dragonborn - - - that's the big guy on the left. The boys aren't [...]

31 05, 2008

Fourth Time’s A Charm?

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D&D 4th Edition will hit the shelves next week. I game so infrequently that I don't know if or when I'll make the switch and admittedly had not been paying much attention to the impending release. That being said, I realize it's a significant event amongst the RPGers still out there and I've been become [...]

17 04, 2008

Oddly Shaped Dice: Predator

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I love Predator. It offers a blend of action and sci-fi that reaches a level of awesome matched only by its cousin, Aliens. With that bias, it's not too surprising that a Predator based scenario was on my to-do list when we were running d20 Modern one-shots several years back. As fate would have it, [...]