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17 01, 2010

Signing the Cast: Buckaroo Banzai Reboot Movie

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Welcome to the 300th post on the Nerd Lunch blog. I love doing these Signing the Casts, they can just be a bit time consuming. But I thought it might make a good entry as our anniversary post especially considering the love PLee and I have for this particular movie (sorry, Jeeg). You know the [...]

26 09, 2009

Signing the Cast: Captain America

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I haven't done one of these in a while, but after finishing up Battlestar Galactica recently, I decided that Jamie Bamber should be playing Captain America in the movie. Although he's not blonde, that can be fixed. Bamber played Lee "Apollo" Adama who wound up being one of only two characters on that show I [...]

6 09, 2008

Comic Book Throwdown: Make-A-Movie

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Today over lunch, I was having a discussion with Marc, a friend and fellow nerd from work. The discussion centered heavily on the mass quantities of super hero movies we've gotten over the past ten years or so. Some are so good and some are not. Marc proposed something drastic. He says the bad movies [...]

29 01, 2008

Resuming the review of the cast of G.I. Joe…

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For part one, click here.Dennis Quaid as General HawkGreat casting choice. I almost don't believe it's true. I've alwaysthought a younger Dennis Quaid would make a good Hal Jordan GreenLantern. Now he's too old to pull that type of role off, but someonelike General Hawk in a G.I. Joe movie is perfect.Arnold Vosloo as ZartanAnother [...]

13 10, 2007

Signing the Cast: Star Trek Reboot

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Setting aside the debate about whether a reboot of Trek should be done at all (and it's something I haven't decided about myself), if a reboot is to be done, the casting is key to the relaunch being successful. Ultimately, what made Classic Trek work as well as any of the other shows that did [...]