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6 03, 2018

Nerd Lunch Podcast 301: Pop Culture Basketball Draft

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This week we are joined by Mike Westfall to draft a basketball team filled with players from movies, TV shows and cartoons.  We all create our own semi-professional teams, including names/mascots, and we start a snake draft picking players to play on our teams. Fighting Uncle Jesses art by @olsisaxart. SaveSave

12 03, 2013

Nerd Lunch Podcast 76: Sports

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It’s a three way dance this week as Pax, Jeeg, and CT discuss of all things: sports. After spending a few minutes throwing bouquets at Huey Lewis, we talk about our histories watching and playing actual sports, getting sucked into fantasy sports, and collecting sports memorabilia. Then we move on to a discussion of best [...]

19 03, 2009

March Madness

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For years, I saw sports as the sworn enemy of all things nerd. My disdain for sports matched my passion for my nerd interests. Playing them, watching them, it didn't matter. I hated sports. I think it was more than just not being good at them. It was even more than a general disdain for [...]

18 03, 2009

The Tournament of Bad

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That big basketball tournament thing is starting tonight and it may be bad, I don’t really know. As a traditional nerd I have minimal interest in sports, though I do take in quite a bit of sports media just to give me a distraction and something unimportant to discuss around the water cooler (instead politics, [...]

1 02, 2009

What does a big nerd do for the Big Game?

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It’s Big Game Sunday. You know, the Big Game that I can’t mention by name without paying a license fee to Pete Rozelle or Napoleon or somebody. Now I’m not a huge (or hugh, if you prefer) sports fan, but I enjoy having something inconsequential to pay attention to. Heck, some sports-talk radio, like the [...]