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19 06, 2013

Superman Week: Lois & Clark Novel

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In 1993, Superman returned to television after a long hiatus of one year. Okay, that was Superboy not Superman. And Superboy was in syndication and hard to catch. And even harder to watch.But seriously, 1993 saw the debut of "Moonlighting for Superman" in the form of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Dean [...]

18 06, 2013

Nerd Lunch Podcast 90: Superman Celebration

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Superman Week continues! This week on the podcast, we celebrate a 75th birthday and the release of Man of Steel with a discussion about this long-enduring granddaddy of all super hero characters, Superman. CT and Pax are joined by Michael May and Thom Holbrook for a look back at what the character means to all [...]

17 06, 2013

Superman Week: Starlog–The Original Internet

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It's hard for movie makers to keep anything a secret these days. iPhones and social media spread set photos and rumors like wildfire. It's easy to assume that this was something that only came as a result of the internet though. While it has gotten a lot worse, before the internet, there was Starlog.I recently [...]

22 01, 2013

Nerd Lunch Podcast 69: Des Taylor

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The Vesha Valentine Story and The Trouble with Katie Rogers It's a very special episode on this week's Nerd Lunch Podcast. While Pax and Jeeg both are off fighting bears and building robots respectively, CT is joined by Jay from The Sexy Armpit and together they host a chat with UK comic book artist Des [...]

8 01, 2013

Nerd Lunch Podcast 67: Nerdstradamus

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We kick off the new year by peering into the future with fourth chair Doug Frye from the Schlock Treatment podcast. Using all the tools at our disposal from tarot cards to the Magic 8 Ball, we each make predictions for 2013 in the realms of TV, movies, and fast food. We also start up [...]

21 02, 2012

Nerd Lunch Podcast 25: It’s a Re-Do–Smallville

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It's our big 25th episode and to celebrate we're not only borrowing a signature topic from our podcasting brothers The Atomic Geeks but one of the Geeks as well, Michael DiGiovanni. DiGio sits in for our own take on “Its A Re-Do” as we tackle America’s favorite teen angsty Superman show, Smallville. Listen to find [...]

24 08, 2011

CT’s Road Trip, part 4: A Stop in Metropolis

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While I haven't finished covering the trip, I wanted to sneak in a post about the trip back to Tallahassee before finishing this out on Friday when I talk about the food I ate and the meet up with Jeeg and PLee.When traveling between Philo, IL and Tallahassee, FL, the route we use, takes us [...]

17 08, 2011

CT’s Road Trip, part 1: Readin’ in the Car

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Followers of the blog may be aware that I, CT, currently reside in Tallahassee, Florida. But this wasn't always the case. In fact, Nerd Lunch began as a gathering of the regular bloggers here back when we all lived in the Champaign, Illinois area. Recently, I took a trip back home and some nerdy [...]

4 07, 2011

My Cup of Cups Runneth Over

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Having just purchased "The Thirst Avenger" aka Captain America Tri-Cup Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts, I decided to dig out all the super hero-themed novelty plastic cups I have. (Focusing on plastic here, not glass. Glass might be another post.) Much to my surprise, they were all from places I never/rarely frequent these days.Most of them [...]

11 06, 2011

DC Reboot: It’s Not About Me

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It's been a few days since the big DC Comics announcement that they would be rebooting their line in September. Giving it time to digest and get the full scope of their initial plans for the reboot, I want to finally throw my two cents in about this whole thing.To those who don't know, here's [...]