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17 02, 2012

Countdown to Avengers: Iron Man

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We continue the countdown to The Avengers with some looks at the five movies that lead up to the big kahuna on May 4. Nerd Lunch will carry some of these reviews and so will Cavalcade of Awesome and To the Escape Hatch. Collect them all! Mini ReviewAs I've heard more about the internal strife [...]

4 08, 2007

The Rewatchable Walrus Film Festival

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I type this as I sit here drinking a cookies & cream milkshake. The night began with a plate full of homemade nachos. Then I sat down and watched Office Space, the first movie in Carlin Trammel's Rewatchable Walrus Film Festival. I'm not a huge fan of comedies in general, but this movie strikes a [...]

3 08, 2007

CT’s Ten Movies in a Weekend, part four

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Well, I'm making final preparations for the ten movies that starts tonight with Office Space at 6:30 EDT followed by Braveheart. I'll be providing a modest nacho bar for anyone who shows up tonight.I also realized that the copy of Army of Darkness (Sunday @ 2:30 pm EDT) I have is the Director's Cut. And [...]

29 07, 2007

CT’s Ten Movies in a Weekend, part three

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The schedule has been posted for those wanting to follow along next weekend. You can see it by clicking here:Carlin Trammel Rewatchable Walrus Film FestivalI also wanted to take a moment to list some movies that didn't make the cut.Three AmigosGalaxy QuestHoosiersThe Princess BrideIt was also a tough call between the first and second Back [...]

28 07, 2007

CT’s Ten Movies in a Weekend, part two

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This is what I have in mind for the line up:FRIDAYOffice Space followed by Braveheart. Braveheart is three hours long so it makes sense to pair it up with one of the movies that runs 90 minutes or less. And as I mentioned in the comment on the previous post, Office Space provides that transition [...]

26 07, 2007

CT’s Ten Movies in a Weekend, part one

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First, let me say that I love my wife and daughter. However, I am greatly looking forward to a weekend without them. The plan for the weekend of August 3-5 is simple in premise, yet elegant in concept. I'm calling it...CT'S TEN MOVIES IN A WEEKEND!a.k.a. The Carlin Trammel Rewatchable Walrus Film FestivalIt will start [...]