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17 04, 2012

Nerd Lunch Podcast 33: Modern Kung Fu Movies

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While CT is away on a vision quest, Pax and Jeeg bring in Jeremy from Geek Chunks to discuss kung fu movies (and one samurai movie) from the last 20 years or so. After touching on our introductions to the martial arts genre and the grandaddy of them all, Enter the Dragon, we talk about [...]

24 08, 2009

Punch Out!

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CT recommended The Atomic Geeks podcast several weeks ago and I’ve been checking it out since then. Their latest episode was a discussion of best fights scenes. A great topic and my favorite of the four shows I’ve listened to. I was pleased that they mentioned both of my top picks: 1) The back alley [...]

7 11, 2007

Oddly Shaped Dice: Enter the Hobo!

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I have a theory that for RPG purposes, you can always get good results by crossing any other genre with the "martial arts tournament" genre. Some folks take a similar approach and mix Lovecraftian horror with any other genre, but for me, it's all about that "Enter the Dragon" vibe.And sometimes I take a good [...]

16 07, 2007

Oddly Shaped Dice

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I started played old-school pen-and-paper RPGs when I was around twelve years old. I did the old Marvel Superhero game, then first edition AD&D, then Top Secret S.I. and AD&D 2nd Edition . . . over time, I transitioned from playing every week (circa 1989) to playing every year or so. But a lot of [...]