In Nerd Lunch Visits, host Carlin Trammel hits the nerdiest and best tasting spots in Tallahassee, Florida and beyond!

Nerd Lunch Visits CapCityVideo Lounge


CT visits the last video store in Tallahassee which happens to be a cool place you can hang out and watch movies.

Nerd Lunch Visits Tallahassee Taco Tour


Carlin asks Danny Aller of the Tallahassee Beer Society to tell him which is the best taco in Tallahassee. So they visit five taco joints in one day.

Nerd Lunch Visits Infinity Con Tallahassee 2019


In a new episode of Nerd Lunch Visits, Carlin goes to the debut of Infinity Con Tallahassee (June 29, 2019). Along the way he makes new friends and runs into old ones…one of which is not too excited to see him.

Nerd Lunch Visits Tally Mac Shack


Hear about this local Tallahassee food truck taking Florida’s capital city by storm. The Tally Mac Shack has offered up over 60 different macaroni and cheese flavors in the past 13 months.

Nerd Lunch Visits Flippin’ Great Pinball

CT has never been into arcade games but on episode 308 of the podcast, he wound up being on a show talking about them. Rob from Flippin’ Great Pinball reached out to CT to let him give a few games a try.